Jo Myers-Walker Watercolor Class Saturday, Aug 3rd  9am – 1:00pm.  Bring a sack lunch!

We will be painting pedestrians in downtown or neighborhoods, flowers, and if time people with a house.  We begin with a lesson on figure proportions, fabric shading on clothing, action, and shadows for grounding. We will do color mixing for skin tones and shape making to contribute to movement of walking people.  These figures can be added to the background creating a sense of place.  Walking figures adds so much to a painting, it really brings it to life!

Class fee:  $100.  Instructor will provide watercolor paper, students should bring their own watercolor supplies. 

Use the secure Paypal button to signup for this class, or call the gallery at:  515-255-0218  

About Jo:

I’ve been an artist and art teacher for more than 35 years, working with people of all ages.  My classes and workshops take a gentle approach. They all involve real artistic technique, and also some element of the “inward journey.” In everyday life we get so caught up in details, so we take time to learn to be silent, listen, and allow the Spirit to work. Not only does this promote relaxation and renewal, it also improves the artwork! By telling their story through art, people often create beautiful things that they never thought they could.

I teach painting classes at the Iowa City/Johnson County Senior Center and a variety of other locations. I received my BA and MS in Art Education from Iowa State University. I'm a member of the Iowa Arts Council and the Iowa Watercolor Society


Jo Myers Walker Watercolors

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