2 Week Class on Tuesday evenings:  Sep 18th and Sep 25th from 6-9pm

Create an Adjustable Sterling Silver Ring using EZ960 Silver Metal Clay 

Beginning level class.  This is a 2 week class. The first week you will design, plan and form your metal clay.  The second week you will make your metal into a ring and give it a final polish.

Metal clay is a relatively new medium, invented in Japan around 1990. Metal is ground into a powder and organic binders and water are added to the powder to make a workable clay. It is fun and easy to work with, and gives you endless design and texture possibilities, not possible with sheet metal.  It can be sculpted, textured, molded, embellished, and fired in a kiln on an open shelf.  After firing, you will have a solid sterling silver piece of jewelry.

  Cost:    Class and materials:  $115     (Class Fee  $60 + Materials Fee:  Clay, 25 grams  $55)

 If you choose to bring your own clay, you will not be charged the clay materials fee of $55, but it must be EZ960 sterling silver clay. Other clays are not strong enough for this technique.

 Class is limited to 6 students. REGISTER EARLY!!

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