Tuesday,  July 9th 6-8pm:  Intro to Piercing/Sawing and Texturing Sheet Metal.   Create a Pendant.  Instructor:  Jan Kellogg

Piercing/sawing and texturizing sheet metal are very important skills to develop to advance your jewelry making skills. You will be able to make many more designs and textures without being dependent on pre-made shapes and textures.

 During this class you will texture a sheet of copper using hammers with various heads to create 4 distinct textures.  You will also practice sawing and piercing metal by sawing a design on a practice sheet of metal, using a design the instructor furnishes.

You will then use a new sheet of metal to texture, pierce and saw a pendant that you have designed (or one furnished by the instructor), using the skills you have just practiced.  You will also be able to finish your pendant by filing, sanding and polishing your piece.

You will leave with a unique pendant that you have created using your new/improved skills. 

All supplies are included in the price.  You may bring your own tools if you have them, or share the class tools with other students.  

 COST: $45 + $10 supplies

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