Denice Peters Pastel Workshop Supply List Checklist

* Beginners set of soft pastels (NOT OIL PASTELS) any brand (minimum of 24 or as many as you feel comfortable bringing) Range of colors is more important than number. Set of 24 is ok and 36 is better etc.

* 2 sheets of neutral, gray or tan sanded pastel paper - size around 9” x 12” (can be ordered from Jerry’s Artarama and Dick Blick online stores - Hobby Lobby has some small soft pastel sets but no sanded papers) stay away from MiTientes paper and drawing pads that say ‘for pastel’, they are not sanded! - I recommend Uart paper - (in the 600 grit)

    - OR - I will bring supplies with me that you can purchase! If you don’t have time to order, and I will have a set of pastels you can purchase from me during class and 9”x12” sanded paper

* The paper are $5 per 9x12 sheet - The pastel sets are $20

* Wet wipes

* small flat paint brush - 1/2” wide or less

* Painters tape or masking tape

* Table easel or full easel or you may use the provided tables. However you like to paint. Space will be limited.

* Back board to clip or tape your paper onto, 2 pieces of foam board or cardboard slightly bigger than your paper sheets to paint on (sheets are 9 x 12) and put your painting between for take home.

* Your smiling self!

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