How to Make Gifts using Beeswax:  Sunday December 3rd   1:00 - 2:30.  This informational class will be taught be urban beekeepers from Meadow BlazingStar Honey.


Catherine & her husband, Andy, operate Meadow BlazingStar Honey, a small beekeeping business based in Des Moines. 

Join this instructional class to learn about working with beeswax & to discover its many uses. With a focus on making molded candles and ornaments, Catherine will demonstrate how to properly melt beeswax, prepare a mold, and pour and finish a candle and ornament. 

She will share information on tools, supplies, and resources as well as suggestions for other uses for beeswax, including gift ideas & kid-friendly projects.   Catherine will provide a handmade beeswax luminary and tea light as well as an ounce of beeswax for you to take home. Beeswax and other beeswax products will be available for purchase or to give you examples of finished products that will help inspire a beeswax project of your own. 

Class fee will be $25 which includes your gifts to take home!

Beeswax Products

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