Bicycles:  Art on Two Wheels July 26th - Sep 21st.

A special reception will be held by the Gallery for Victoria Herring's works focusing on bicycles from around the world:  Bicycles:  Art on Two Wheels.  Partially in honor of RAGBRAI, the role of bicycles throughout the world will be evident.  The reception will be held on Friday, July 26th, from 5pm - 8pm at the Gallery and we hope you will join us.  Wheel on in!!  














'Battle for the Ballot'  April 12th - October 1st

 Artisan Gallery 218 invites you to our gallery for a preview of portrait selections from Mary Kline Misol's Suffrage Project 'Battle for the Ballot'.  On display will be 10 of the first completed  historical portraits of the strong women who were pioneers of the cause for the 72 year drive to see the 19th Amendment ratified, giving women their civil rights and the right to vote.   The final project presentation, consisting of the full 19 portraits, will be presented at the gallery in April 2020 celebrating the 1920 Centennial.   

Limited edition buttons (brooches) of each suffragist are also for sale with proceeds going to the League of Women Voters. 

The State of Iowa Ratification of the 19th Amendment centennial is July 2nd of this year.  Come learn about the history of this significant event!

Gallery talks are available for your group!  Just give us a call to discuss and arrange a date/time for your group!

Read the DSM Magazine article here.

Excerpts from “Strong Minded Women” written by Louise Noun:

“Once Congress proposed the 19th Amendment to the Constitution in June 1919, Iowa lawmakers moved quickly to ratify it. Iowa the tenth state to do so, less than a month after Congress had acted. Ratifying a federal constitutional amendment required only a vote of the state House and Senate—not of the public at large. The special session to approve the amendment on July 2,1919. Lasted “just one hour and forty minutes, the shortest [legislative] session in Iowa history.”



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