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January thru June 2021: The Wives of Henry, Portraits by Mary Kline-Misol


For fifty years throughout his bloody reign, Henry VIII wed six maidens of the court.

From the early years of Catherine of Aragon and in the end leaving Jane Parr a widow, each marriage reflected the sometimes gruesome  history of the times.

Kline-Misol’s portraits of each wife are currently on display through July 1st.





Glassware Watercolor Still Lifes by Marybeth Heikes.

Marybeth began the glassware still lifes in 2006, exploring this subject matter in depth and moving in a new direction. Much time was spent setting up and arranging the glass goblets and other elements that she was interested in. Working from reference photos, Marybeth sketched in the shapes and began painting. It was a challenge with all the details and abstract distorted shapes and colors, which was the goal of the project. Many of these watercolors have been included in regional and national exhibits.





Previous Exhibit up through Jan 2021            19th Amendment Centennial Celebration Exhibit

Portraits and the Suffrage Project Catalog are available in our online shop.

August 26th marks the Centennial of the passing of the 19th Amendment!  We are celebrating this with exhibits by three artists:  Mary Kline-Misol's 'Suffrage Project', Nancy Briggs 'And Yet, They Persist' ceramic portraits, and Marybeth Heikes, '19th Amendment' acrylic collages. 

SUFFRAGE PROJECT:   Mary Kline-Misol's Suffrage Project, features the final 19 portraits of women who were pioneers of the cause. This body of work is an attempt to honor these women, who as Suffragists, organized a historic drive for civil rights and won citizenship, political freedom, and the right to vote for all of us. The exhibit will be on display through the election in November. Catalogs of the work are also for sale for $19. 

Kline-Misol states, “In this time of political and social upheaval, I hope my project will offer to the public a time to pause and reflect on the struggles and hard-won successes of the individuals who all fought to make our country a better place with the goal of REAL equality in civil rights. We have an uncertain future and hard work ahead.  The clear understanding of the work of the women of all colors who took up the fight two hundred years ago will give us the courage to finally embrace the words of the Constitution of the United States and the founding principles that all of us are created equal and are to be treated equal under the law in this country.”

Mary Kline-Misol's Sufferage Project:   Read the DSM Magazine article here  Full information about the project can be found on Mary Kline-Misol's website:












Nancy Briggs, "And Yet, They Persist".  Nancy has installed 7 ceramic busts of the many women who strived to obtain rights for women. 'And Yet, They Persist.'   Each piece has their name carved on the side and a personal inspiring quote.  Featured are Alice Paul, Edna Griffin, Carrie Chapman Catt, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, and Susan B Anthony.













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