Monday, August 6th, 6:30 - 8:00:  Photography/Book Talk with Barry Phipps

 Inspired by such seminal work as Robert Frank’s The Americans, Phipps new book, Between Gravity and What Cheer:  Iowa Photographs, is a unique vision of the Midwest and Iowa. Without condescending or overemphasizing the decline of small town America, Phipps documents rural communities as they are now, noting abstract shapes and colors as he photographs business districts with quirky and/or artful signs, streetscapes and landscapes, buildings with ghosts of paint from previous lives, and the occasional resident. 




Monday, September 24th, 6:30 - 8:00:  Author Visit - Jennifer Harvey

 Anyone involved in raising children today will appreciate Harvey’s new book, Raising White Kids:Bringing Up Children in Racially Unjust America.  This book is great for families, churches, educators, and communities who want to equip their children to be active and able participants in a society that is becoming one of the most racially diverse in the world while remaining full of racial tensions. While a great deal of public discussion exists regarding the impact of race and racism on children of color, meaningful dialogue about and resources for understanding the impact of race on white children are woefully absent. Raising White Kids steps into that void.

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