Children’s Art Classes at Artisan Gallery 218!

Want your child to have some fun and be creative?  We have just the line-up of classes to spur your child’s creativity while learning art methods and exploring the world!

Artisan Gallery 218 is hosting classes for young children ages 6 – 12  in its workshop area on various days from now into the summer.  Complete details and sign-up instructions can be found at our website,

It’s a Small World!kangaroo

Hilde DeBruyne teaches “It’s a Small World” for ages 6 to 9, on Wednesdays from 3:30 – 4:45 for 4 weeks starting April 6th.

Get ready for an artistic and creative adventure, traveling around the world and using art, music and food to get to know different cultures and be inspired to create their own culturally diverse artwork.

Draw Along Studio Exercise Summer Classmary cat for class

Mary Kline-Misol will again offer her “Draw Along Studio Exercise” class for youth ages 6 – 9 for 12 sessions on Saturdays from 11 – 12:30 starting June 4th.

Child psychologists tell us that drawing is as spontaneous and human an activity as learning how to walk and talk. Drawing is a complex process that requires the individual to isolate discrete bits from the whole entity in three dimensions, and to reproduce those bits accurately in only two dimensions, by relating them logically to each other all the while moving the hand with attained skill.

Mary’s teaching method involves training children to perceive visual data with a basis of the five elements of shape and demonstrating how the general shape of an object is composed of those elements. The language in the class is geared toward creating a non-competitive and non-judgmental environment in which each child will learn that there is no wrong way to draw and that everyone can be successful.

The kids in the current session are having a great time and will have an exhibition of their artwork on April 2nd!.

Dreamtime Birdhouse Craft Classdreamtime birdhouse

Mary is also teaching a craft class “Dreamtime Birdhouse” for youth ages 9 – 12.  This 7 week session is on Saturdays from 1:00 – 3:00 starting on June 4th.

This session is designed to create global awareness and develop an appreciation for the culture of the desert Aboriginals of Alice Springs, Australia.  Each student will have an unfinished birdhouse to decorate with personal color and design choices using acrylic paints,  Students will have an exhibition of the final product at the end of the session.


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