Artisan Gallery 218 Named in US News Travel Magazine!!

In a recent article in US News/World Report Travel Magazine, Artisan Gallery 218 was named as a ‘standout art spot’ in their article,  ’10 Underrated Cities for Art Lovers’!

10 Underrated Cities for Art Lovers | U.S. News Travel

Des Moines, Iowa

“How much do you know about Des Moines? This capital city has a 28-piece sculpture park smack dab in the heart of downtown, along with plenty of public art displays throughout greater Des Moines. Plus, many local restaurants display local artists works on the side of their buildings or on their walls. Standout art spots include the Des Moines Social Club, the Moberg Gallery, the Des Moines Art Center and Artisan Gallery 218. Plus, the popular annual Des Moines Arts Festival, which includes live music, performing arts and visual arts, has received prestigious accolades.”

Checkout the full article here…     Awesome!!