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The idea of starting a new business was stirring around in the mind of Abbey Duncan for quite some time.  Then in the fall of 2018 the youngest member of the Duncan family stated "Life is Life" during a blunt conversation with grandma.  The phrase struck a chord with Abbey and Life is Life was born.  She and her husband Wes began to experiment with epoxy during the winter months and quickly caught on to the craft. 

The team quickly grew, and Life is Life continues to grow as the days go by.  By grow we mean new ideas are flowing constantly, new experiences are teaching us daily and new clients are being introduced into our budding business.  

Abbey leads the team as the founder/owner and is deeply involved in all processes including sales, design, marketing and of course a million other moving parts that come with owning a small business.  

Jason Hanson is the artist that brings our pieces to life.  He works with beautiful slabs of wood all the way down to what may look like scraps.  He's resourceful and creative.  It's evident in each completed piece...they are truly one of a kind.

Wes Duncan has many talents from years of experience in the construction world.  He pulls from this experience to guide the team and keep us growing.  Wes gets involved in the creative processes on occasion, but ultimately is on hand whenever we need him.

Miranda Steinfeldt is our marketing specialist and support staff who keeps things running smoothly in the office.   She tracks and organizes hundreds of slabs of wood making sure all wood is ready to start your project.  From the wood to the kiln to taking photos to preparing the final website she brings lots of inspiration to Life is Life.    

This collaborative team is responsible for creating and sharing beautiful and unique interior accents.  There are so many ways to turn the woods of Iowa into artwork and functional pieces including, but not limited to; coffee tables, desks, serving trays, sofa tables, coasters, dining tables, benches, bars, counter tops, islands, end tables, etc.  

At Life is Life we take simple pieces from nature and turn them into one-of-a-kind items at our client’s request.  Contact us with your vision and let us "bring it to life".  

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