Silvia Klein, Togarashi Designs

Silvia Klein was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and moved to Des Moines in 1989.


A few years before retiring from the corporate world, she increased the number of art classes and workshops she was taking in preparation for the next step. 

Grandchildren in Chicago and local art shows keep her busy. She works with mixed media and incorporates fiber, wire, wood, and recycled objects, such as plastic bags, into her pieces. 

She finds the exploration of color and the discovery of new methods to express herself, be it with weaving or resins, incredibly rewarding.

At Artisan Gallery 218, Silvia has her combination of epoxy resin and paints on tile, cork and wood, all functional pieces. 

Adding different type of paints, from acrylics to alcohol inks, and the chemistry at the different stages of the coagulation of the resin is fascinating and brings stunning color and shape transformations through the process. 

Silvia’s trays, lazy Susans, coasters, boxes, and table tops bring creativity and beauty into our everyday lives – reimagining the way we look at ordinary things.  


Image Gallery - Silvia Klein

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