Carl Homstad

"Each artwork I create is a combination. As a cook combines ingredients to make a meal, natural elements are put in or left out, made bigger or smaller, moved here or there. A place and time are combined to show nature at extraordinary moments, such as the last rays of the sun or the snow falling in the afternoon. Different places are combined to make an interesting composition of abstract shapes, as when earth and sky fit together like a jigsaw puzzle...

The hardest thing is to be simple. I have always been fascinated with Asian art, and I have been to China and Japan to study it. What I hope to accomplish is to bring that "zen" sensitivity to my pictures of America.

Although my pictures are based on certain times and places, they exist only in my mind. I like it when they remind you of a place you know, because it means it is also in your mind . A combination of minds.  Each one of my works is an authentic piece of a quest; to understand life, show it with art and have a good time doing it."

The woodcuts are printed on Hosho or Kochi paper. The color prints are printed from 4 blocks and use up to 29 colors. The actual prints are numbered, titled,  and signed in pencil underneath the image. 

About the Artist:

Carl designed and built his passive solar house and studio, designed and constructed sets for several plays and served as a consultant for a CAD-CAM company.  His artwork has appeared in the books Building with Cob, Carpenter of Song by Michael Carey, Art of the State: Iowa, and Murals of Iowa. Also in  The Artist's Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, National Geographic and on Iowa Public TV’s "Living in Iowa.” He has judged regional and national art shows. He has worked with the Iowa Arts Council in the Artist in the Schools and other programs. He served on the community school board and in 1998 received a Distinguished Service Award from Luther College.

Carl Homstad Woodcut Prints

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