About the Artist, Amy Dobrian:

A native of Iowa City, Iowa, Amy Elizabeth Dobrian graduated from Dartmouth College in 1987 with a dual major in French and Visual Arts.  She continued her studies of drawing, painting and printmaking at the Lacoste School of the Arts in Lacoste, France.  She received the MA in printmaking in 1990 and the MFA in printmaking and drawing in 1992 from the University of Iowa, and continued her study of lithography at the Tamarind Lithography Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  She has exhibited nationally and internationally in over one hundred group and solo exhibitions.

About the Monotype Process:

These works may be most accurately described as mixed media, but fundamentally they are monotypes.  A monotype is a one-of-kind, unrepeatable, original print.    My own monotypes are printed from a large blank plexiglass plate and mylar stencils with oil-based relief inks.  I draw with ink on the plate using rollers, brushes or a palette knife, or by wiping away ink with a cloth to “draw” the white areas of the image.  Colors are printed one at a time in thin layers.  Many of my images incorporate some direct drawing with aquarel or prismacolor and/or direct brushwork with printing inks, but 80-90% of the imagery is printed.  Collage elements are Japanese chiyogami papers.  Process for me is always inseparable from content.  The image evolves as I create it, informed by the inherent transparency of printmaking inks, varieties of mark-making specific to printmaking, the folded patterns of origami, and the traditional block-printed motifs of the chiyogami papers, which are echoed in the larger images, as wind, water, wetland grasses, and flight patterns of the birds.  I borrow equally from nature and from traditional motifs, mixing stylized and naturalistic representations of birds and landscape. 

Amy Dobrian

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