Annick Ibsen is a sculptor and painter.  She was born in Paris and moved to Des Moines over a decade ago.  Earlier, she experienced a breadth of cultures living in Libya, Indonesia, Hong Kong, London and India.  Her work embraces this diversity and draws on the symbolism of these cultures.

Since her first paintings in 1995, her work has evolved from pure figurative portraits to cubist interpretations.  In the past eight years, the search for plasticity and the sculptural form in all things became her main focus and expressed itself through clay.  All Along, her work was strongly informed by cubism and French artists of the 20th century.  Technically, her sculptures are hand built from slabs and assembled in a pattern to decompose space, depth and colors and create a composition that conveys a new geometry. Her commissions vary from figurative renderings to abstract creations.

Annick's work is in corporate collections, amongst which the Wallace Centers of Iowa, Hotel Greenfield and The World Food Prize, as well as a number of private collectors across the world.  She is the resident artist at the Ankeny Art Center and has her own studio.  In 2012 she was awarded the People's Choice Prize for sculpture installation.

Annick Ibsen

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