Firefly Experience.   Award Winning Photography and Cinematography by Radim Schreiber

I grew up in the Czech Republic where fireflies are very rare. In 20 years, I had seen them only once. They have always intrigued me and the abundance of them in the United States inspired me to photograph them.

Almost every summer evening since 2008, I have gone out on my bicycle to nearby fields, braving mosquitoes and chiggers in my striving to catch exceptional photographs of fireflies. When conditions are right, I stay out late into the night, photographing fireflies in the dark forest landscapes or under the Milky Way. Sometimes, I leave my camera on its tripod and enjoy the show. When I photograph fireflies I feel connected to nature and the whole universe. Fireflies are illuminated beings guiding me on my life journey.

I am interested in portraying fireflies as accurately as possible. All of the photographs are shot in the fireflies' natural habitat, without digital manipulation or, needless to say, supplemental lighting. Each photograph faithfully portrays the location of the fireflies in the scene and their apparent luminosity.

A few interesting facts about fireflies:

• Flashing of a firefyis a mating ritual.
• Bio-luminescent light of fireflies doesn't produce heat. Its “cold light” is more efficient than any man made light source.
• Population of fireflies has been declining around the world, mostly due to light pollution and chemicals used in agriculture.

Notable Awards:
2015 – Smithsonian Photo Contest – 1st place
2012 – National Geographic Photo Contest – Editor's favorite and Finalist
2011 – National Wildlife Photo Contest – 1st place
2011 – Smithsonian Photo Contest – 1st place
2009 – The Rainforest Alliance Photo Contest – Grand Prize
2008 – The Rainforest Alliance Photo Contest – Grand Prize

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