Nawal Ghali, Des Moines, Iowa

 My journey as an artist began in 2006. When I responded to an inner call, to find a creative avenue for self expression. It all started by an urge to enroll in a pottery class. The joy I experienced while creating simple vessels nudged me to explore other artistic avenues. I dabbled in still life, portraiture, impressionistic and abstraction, I found joy in all of them. I also experimented with soft pastels, oil pastels, acrylics and oils and appreciated the different ways each can be harnessed and applied for artistic expression.

 When I enter my studio each day, I have to connect with my feelings, emotions and thoughts and most of the time I feel guided to what medium will be the one I choose to express what I want to say on that particular day. My contemplative practices play a significant role in quieting my soul and encourage it to speak up. The most enjoyable and satisfying experiences occur when colors, shapes and strokes appear giving voice to the whispers of my soul, consequently a piece of art is born.

Nature also informs my art. Taking time to settle down outdoors allows me to see deeper into the natural world and be surprised with joy when elements of what I have observed in appears in my paintings. Sunrises, sunsets and water are frequently seen in many of my paintings even when I am not intentionally seeking to paint a particular element.

Eyes of wonder help me see beauty and I hope to inspire others to an attitude of awe and delight. The ultimate satisfaction and compliment, to me as an artist, is to witness movement of glee, enjoyment or recognition in another person’s soul.

Nawal Ghali

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