Hal Ide, Watercolor

Hal Ide was originally trained as a classical composer and flutist, holding a thirty-six year career playing at Hancher Auditorium in Iowa City.  His music making took him around the world, which in turn led him to many of the world’s greatest museums.  Approaching retirement age and the self-inspection that goes with that particular life change, he decided he needed a new challenge and a fresh position.  He had always wondered if he could make art, and there was no question -- this is what he wanted to do. Ide began drawing, learning to capture owls, barns, trees, etc. until a friend gave him some watercolors. Playing around with those watercolors, his talents mushroomed.  The more he painted, the deeper his interest and passion for the art grew.

He holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Iowa, and Master of Music degree.  Hal works primarily in watercolor with an abstract style and strong reference and link to nature.  Many of his works have a botanical feel or theme, some are semi-representational, and some are purely abstract.

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