Artist Statement:  As a full time pastel artist, I focus on realistic landscapes and still life paintings. Pastels are my sole medium because they provide that “hands on” feeling. Getting right into the painting with my hands, makes the paintings become a part of me in many ways! Nothing stands between me and the medium, not even a brush! It’s very tactile. The great midwest light and shadows combined with a bit of nostalgia about old farms is my biggest inspiration. I want to capture the natural landscape we have here, before it disappears. Beauty can be found all around us in the everyday landscapes we take for granted. When you look at my work, see if any of them remind you of a certain place, memory or person. Also look for the details in each that are all done with pastel sticks and ļ¬ngers.  I hope my work brings joy and peace.  Life is too short to do otherwise.


Denice is an Iowa native, born in LeMars and currently from Denison. She’s a full time self taught, pastel artist. She took it upon herself to hone and craft her talent and her unique realistic style. She has been doing pastel exclusively for over 22 years. She has exhibited regionally and nationally in group and solo shows and galleries, winning many ribbons and awards over the years, including “Best of Show” and selected as a Finalist in “the Artist Magazine’s” Annual International Competition in 2014. Denice is a Signature Member of the Mid America Pastel Society and a member of the prestigious Pastel Society of America, also Iowa Pastel Society, Pastel Society of the West Coast and Iowa Artists.

Here is a link to a time lapse video of Denice painting 'Cracked'.  Fun to watch!

Denice Peters

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