About Tahmi

For years, I didn't think I was creative. I was drawn to the arts like a moth to a flame, but I just kept getting burnt. I tried many different mediums - but they were all paper based. Drawing, painting, pastels, watercolors, charcoal, as well as pencil never worked out for me. It took a while for me to realize that my creativity is really based in my fingers.

Once I moved to the more tactile mediums, I discovered where my gifts for creativity really were. Spinning, crochet, pottery, weaving, stringing beads - all of these arts brought me many hours of enjoyment. Then, I discovered metals, and an addiction was born. I relish the challenge of figuring out how to replicate textile techniques with wire. Some experiments work, and some don't. But even the ones that don't work yield interesting insights to base the next experiments on. So the moral of the story is to keep on trying!

I don't have any formal art or jewelry training. My degree work was in the area of ancient history, which is probably why I'm drawn to the more ancient and medieval jewelry making techniques. If it can't be done with simple tools, you won't find it in my jewelry. Everything I do is based on "cold" working - simple bending of wire either with pliers or with brute force. I don't use any soldering, melting, smelting or anything that involves heat or fire with my metalworking. (Since I have a tendency to burn my fingers while making toast this is probably a very good idea!). I even consider my glasswork as done cold. The glass goes into the kiln at room temp, ramps up to fusing temperatures, then comes back out of the kiln at room temp - much safer for me than flameworking!



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