Marlene Slothouber, Owner and Designer at Fyrefly Glass - Glass Jewelry Artist

 Fyrefly Glass began when, after 30 years of pottery work, I wanted to try something "different".  Schlepping around heavy crates of pottery from show to show made the diminutive size of a bead very appealing, as did the prospect of playing with dozens of colors.  Since then, I have been exploring glass and have learned by doing and experimenting. 

I'm fascinated every time a bead comes out of the kiln, seeing the color interactions and details that are hard to distinguish when the bead is molten red.  That fascination prompted the name "fyrefly glass" as I felt a similar delight watching fireflies as a kid.

I will continually be learning about the physics of how glass moves, the ways colors affect each other, the almost magical effects achieved when silver reacts with glass...but the best part of the experience is to wear, or see someone else wearing, a necklace, ring or earrings I have made.  It's wearable art that never fails to be unique...and I have found the "different" that is satisfying to both make and adorn!

Marlene grew up on a farm in NW Iowa near Boyden.  She attended Central College in Pella and Iowa State University before moving west to Sioux Falls, SD.

Marlene Slothouber

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