Art Ciccotti, Ciccotti Art Glass

"I am mostly self-taught as a glassblower. Over the years I have attended workshops around the U.S., learning techniques and honing the skills that fuel my passion for this ancient craft. My current designs have roots in Venetian glass working techniques. The use of a roll up of glass (tocar pierre) allows me to put together designs that can vary from the random composition of a Garden Walk Platter to a very controlled design using cane and murrine. Bright colors and curvilinear forms are the design elements I prefer to work with. I enjoy exploring new color combinations, shapes, and functionality. As my skill level increases so does the complexity of the designs and techniques. I am not sure I can say that I have a favorite thing to make. Usually whatever I am making at the time is my favorite thing."


"Each work I do starts with careful evening planning. The type of piece, the size of the piece and the colors are all planned out ahead of time. During the day, I implement those plans. I enjoy the process and physical challenge of working with a material that is drawn out of the furnace with a pipe at 2100°.  Within an amazingly short time, this molten material is blown and shaped into a form that can be held the next day. I hope my work brings enjoyment to others for many years to come." ~Art Ciccotti, Owner Ciccotti Art Glass


Ciccotti Art Glass

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