Astrid Hilger Bennett:

Statement:  I create visually abstract wall art using only the cotton fabrics that I paint or print myself..I'm happiest with a brush in my hand, and fiber art allows me a large-scale, exuberant canvas.  I prefer creating larger pieces to working small.

To me, successful art works in any medium are a balance of complex forms.  I juxtapose active forms with quiet, inward ones, motion with stillness...Although abstract, my work constantly mines the process of daily life and the natural world.

Process:  I start with white cotton broadcloth fabrics, painting, monoprinting or screenprinting them with Procion MX fiber reactive dyes.  I insist on using my own fabrics in all my compositions; usually I print and paint backing fabrics as well.  All fabrics are 100% cotton.  Machine-stitching patterns and colors vary with each piece, suggested by the fabric motifs.


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