Sunday, March 18th, 1:00 - 4:00:  Basic Riveting (Cold Connection) - Earring Class.      Instructor:  Jan Kellogg

Cold connection is a term used to describe connecting two or more pieces of metal together without using solder or heat (flame).

Riveting is one of many cold connection methods that are used when making jewelry.  Riveting is used to connect two or more pieces of metal together, as well as being used as decorative elements on many jewelry pieces.  

In this beginner class you will learn how to make and use two types of rivets, plain wire rivets and eyelet rivets, and will use these rivets when making and assembling a pair of earrings that you have designed.   Sterling Silver, copper, and brass metals will be used.

What you will take away from this class is all the knowledge you have gained, as well as a beautiful pair of earrings you will be proud to wear or gift.  This is a beginner level class, so no jewelry making experience is required.


Bring:  Eye magnification if needed.  

Cost:  $40 class fee + $10 supply kit.  All other materials and tools will be provided.

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