Patricia Mcilhon Davis:

    We all live in a world of color.  To work with color is inspiring.  It is a universal language that needs no translation.  It has the power to explain and excite, sadden or stir, arouse yet calm.

    My passion for color has grown over many years.  Color is my tool.  I use it to create, interpret or represent.  Like Matisse, I use color to create or express how I feel.  This is the purpose of my work.

    My use of color was heightened through exposure to the German Blue Rider School of Painters, especially Grabriele Munter, Kandinshy, Jawlenskey, and other German Expressionists.

    I have spent 40 years living overseas as a teacher for the Department of Defense Overseas Schools.  I have studied under and painted with other artists in Japan, Korea, Greece, Spain, and Germany.  I have recently retired and have returned to Des Moines.

Patricia Davis

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